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Office Rules

Insurance Questions:

You must verify that Dr. Power does accept your health care insurance before your visit. This is your responsibility. You must call you health insurance provider to ensure that Dr. Power is currently on their provider panel. You cannot trust the insurance company website because they are frequently out of date. It is your responsibility to understand your benefits and coverage, not ours.

Physician Referrals:

You must call the referral physicians office to verify that they take your health care insurance. You cannot trust the insurance company website because they are frequently out of date. It is your responsibility to understand your benefits and coverage, not ours. For a referral to be processed the referral form must be completed in its entirety and then returned to the office. You cannot visit the doctor then ask for the referral. Referrals take a minimum of one week to complete. Referrals cannot be back dated under any circumstance. That practice is against Federal Law.

Patient Ages:

We accept all patients age 18 and older.

Accident Visits:

You must notify the office first before scheduling an ‘Accident’ visit. These types of visits include all motor vehicle accidents. They also include any ‘Trips and Fall’ or any type of accident that occurs on commercial property. They also include any type of injury that required an Emergency Room visit or Hospitalization.

Workman’s Compensation:

We do  accept Workman’s Compensation in certain conditions, please call the office first to inquire.

Financial Responsibility:

Under all circumstances you are personally responsible for all billing from this office. There are no exceptions. If, for whatever reason, your insurance refuses to pay a bill you are responsible for that payment. An interest fee is applied to all late payments. Collection fees will be applied for any legal or ancillary fees required to collect your debt. Dr. Power does utilize collection agencies and small claims court to recover any outstanding balances. It is your responsibility to inform us of change of phone number or address or health insurer.

Photo Copy Fees:

All copies of any documents from this office are currently Three dollars per page. Records sent to a new physician’s office with a signed HIPAA release are exempt from this fee. Exceptional charges may apply for any records search that may be necessary to retrieve archived files. We are only allowed to release records which Dr. Power has completed or ordered, not records obtained from another physicians office. All files are kept for a period of seven years. We are not responsible for any records which may have been accidentally misplaced. We do not fax or mail records and will only release copies when payment is received. Records can only be obtained during normal office hours. Please call the office to confirm our current rates. In some cases you can print the records for free from your portal.

Returned Checks:

All returned checks will have a service fee assessed. Call the office for the current fee schedule.

Medication Renewals:

Medication renewals are not emergencies. When you are down to two weeks worth of medicine you must contact the pharmacy for a refill. The pharmacy will then send us an electronic request to allow the refill. At times, if we have not seen you recently, we will request an office visit to review all your medicines and ensure that they are working and not harming you. If you ask for refills during your office visit there will be no charge. If you call or come in only for a prescription refill we will assess a five dollar fee per written or electronic prescription. Medicare now demands that we refill electronically. Remember, when you have used your last refill, and no more refills appear on your prescription bottle, you may call the pharmacy to submit an electronic request to us to authorize the refill. Always give the medicine name, the strength of the medicine, the number of times a day you take the medicine and if you want generic or trade name pills. If requesting a refill at your office visit we need to know if it is for a thirty day local refill or for a three month send away prescription, and where specifically you want the medicines refilled. This information assures that your medicine is refilled correctly. This office is not responsible for any errors during electronic refill. We will not renew medicine to cover your extended stay in another state. You must have your local physician, in that state, complete your renewals.

Form Completion:

There is a minimum charge to complete any type of form presented to the office. Forms vary in complexity so the cost and time to complete the form varies. Please bring the form to our office manager so that we can evaluate the charge. Forms are completed weekly unless it is absolutely emergent. We do not fax or mail forms. We are not responsible for any delay in forms completion. Payment is required on the day you pick up your form. Forms must be picked up during office hours.

Insurance Claims:

We will file claims to any insurance carrier with whom we are a participating provider. If you have more then one insurance, as a courtesy, we will submit primary and secondary insurance claims. If you have a tertiary insurance carrier, we will gladly provide an itemized bill for you to submit on your own behalf. If after 45 days from the date the claim was filed, the insurance company has failed to pay the claim for any reason, the balance on the account will become the patient’s full responsibility. Payment is due within 30 days of the first statement. A late fee will be applied monthly to balances over 60 days old. Please
call the office for current fees.

Form of Payment:

We accept most credit cards. We accept personal checks from established patients only. New patients will be required to pay cash.

Missed Appointments:

You are required to give at least 24 hours notice when canceling or rescheduling an appointment or you will be charged a “No Show” fee. If you have a co-pay, this fee will be equal to your co-pay amount or $20.00 dollars, whichever is higher. For all other patient’s the fee will be $20.00 dollars. After two consecutive “No Show” appointments, you may be asked to leave the practice.


Co-pays, and any other charges, are due on the day of visit before seeing the MD. We may reschedule if you do not have the co-pay. If we have to bill for a co-pay there will be a $15.00 dollar additional fee.

Inclement Weather:

Our policy is to call you if the office is closed for any reason.

Cell Phones:

Cell phones must be turned off or on mute while in any office area, either waiting room or examining room. If you need to use your cell phone you must leave the office.

Vital Signs:

Vital signs must be taken at every office visit. This is a Medicare requirement. This includes your weight with shoes.

Test Results/Compliance:

Results are not routinely called to the patient. The testing results are personally discussed with you at the next office visit. Compliance with the physician or nurse practitioner advice is obviously necessary to maintain and improve your state of health. Non-compliance may put you at risk and could be grounds for dismissal from the practice.

Self-Pay or No Insurance:

Payment must be cash or certified check before the visit. The visit cost can be estimated by staff when you first call. Further fees may be required depending on problem complexity. If you can not pay for further care we can recommend a clinic to which you may apply. Local clinics are located at Community Medical Center and Southern Ocean Medical Center.


Federal law requires that we keep a picture ID in your chart. This may be your Drivers License or your Student ID. We will photocopy the ID and place it in your chart.

Visit Preparation:

All necessary documents must be fully completed before you can be seen, including all first visit forms, address and insurance forms and any other documents deemed necessary by the physician. You are expected to complete a privacy notice form and a HIPAA form to obtain your old doctor’s records.

Insurance Card:

You must have your current, most up-to-date, insurance card with you at your office visit. We frequently check the card to see your current co-pay and the card tells us which laboratory will do your blood tests. If you receive a new card we will make a photocopy at your next visit. Please tell us when you have new insurance or a new card.