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The Antibiotic course has had it’s day.

Aug 02, 2017

A detailed study on antibiotic usage was completd by the BMJ in July of this year and strongly suggests that we continue to overuse antibiotics regarding treatment decisions and length of use. To quote BMJ, "The 'complete the course' message of antibiotic therapy may be changing".  There is evidence that, in many situations, stopping antibiotics sooner is a safe and effective way to reduce antibiotic overuse and the untoward effects which can occur. (Antibiotic associated diarrhea, and increased antibiotic resistance) Some infectious disease experts have even suggested that you take the antibiotics until you begin to feel better then stop. Always question your doctor to be sure of the need for antibiotics and the length of time they should be used. Remember that Viruses are not killed by antibiotics and should NOT be used.


Citation: BMJ 2017;358:j3418 doi: 10,1136/bmj