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Coated Aspirin may be ineffective!

Dec 11, 2012

An article in 'Circulation of the American Heart Association' investigating drug resistance and pseudoresistance has shown that some people may not absorb aspirin if it has an enteric coating.  Four hundred volunteers were given enteric coated aspirin and 49% could not absorb the full effective dose of aspirin. This is very important for aspirin is used acutely to abort heart attacks and daily to prevent strokes and heart attacks.

It may be better to take plain aspirin with food (to protect your stomach) then coated aspirin.

Please speak with your doctor before accepting this recommendation.

Reference:       Journal Watch General Medicine 12/6/12

Citation:            CirculationAHA, 12/14/12, online. 'Drug Resistance and Pseudoresistance: An Unintended Consequence of Enteric Coating Aspirin',Garret A. Fitzgeral et al, University of Pennsylvania.